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Medline Industries

Project Size

1,295,000 square feet

Project Location

Montgomery, NY

Lithko Location

Medline Industries is building a $120-million distribution facility in Montgomery, NY. The new warehouse will allow more space for supplies for standard medical procedures, as well as Covid-19 medical items. Lithko’s Greenville BURG is installing the foundations, slabs, slab on metal deck and paving. Lithko’s Greenville & Allentown Burgs are teaming up to install the added tilt-up panel work scope.

Right out of the gate, we ran into some excavating challenges. Due to the available onsite material, the pad fill elements are composed of onsite crushed rock rather than compact soil, making excavating the strip and spread footings even more difficult due to the large size gravel and rock we encountered.

Our initial plan changed greatly due to design and logistics revisions by the general contractor and local ordinances. During the planning phase, we were told we would be able to place the slabs during overnight hours; however, local ordinances would not permit our team to start operations until 7:00 am, forcing our team to adjust to smaller pours and a different sequence. Our prep and Place/Finish crews worked hard to accommodate these adjustments and were successful at keeping the project ahead of the steel erectors. The original precast walls changed to tilt-up once we kicked off the project. Due to this design change, we modified the sequencing of the slabs, and altered the strip footings.  Additionally, the Preconstruction team provided information on tilt panels and the engineered reinforcing mats required.

Even with permit delays that led to a 2-month late start, we placed the slab on grade sections in the months of August, September, and October, keeping us right on schedule.  We are currently complete with 97% of the slab and we have achieved an overall floor flatness of 79.1 FF/ 57.9 FL (Project Requirement: 50.0 FF / 45.0 FL).


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