North Market Tower – “The Merchant Building”


Gilbane Residential Construction


Rockbridge Housing Development


Project Size

661,000 square feet

Project Location

Columbus, OH

Lithko Location

Scope of work:

Design Assist, Revit modeling coordination (BIM360), cast in place concrete, mass mat foundations, pile caps, grade beams, columns, basement walls, cores (self climbing DOKA formwork), elevated post tension decks, transfer girders, sloped columns, topping slabs, curbs, crash walls, and balconies


32 Floor High Rise Structure

  • Floors 1-6 Floors Parking Garage
  • Floors 7-8 Office Space
  • Floors 9-10 – Ballroom Mezzanine
  • Floors 11-19 Hotel / Amenity Open Pool at L19
  • Floors 20 – 32 – Residential Amenity/Spa and Penthouse Suites
  • Post Tensioned Slabs/Beams
  • Self Climbed Cast In Place Cores
  • Sloped Transfer Columns
  • Transfer Girders
  • Balconies
  • Exposed Soffits L12-L32




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