Oakley Station Parking Garage


Al Neyer


City of Cincinnati / Oakley Office Parnters I, LLC


Project Size

120,000 square feet

Project Location

Oakley, OH

Lithko Location

The new parking facility will add 385 spaces to accommodate the needs for the future Anthem office building in Oakley Station Park. Al Neyer selected Lithko Contracting to install the foundations, footings, walls, columns, and 6-inch thick post-tensioned concrete decks.

The site logistics posed a substantial challenge as access was restricted to one side of the project site due to a nearby apartment building. With the limited access, we had to set into motion a new plan with the concrete pump trucks. To increase efficiency, we started with the concrete trucks at the furthest point and worked our way back.

The design included crash walls surrounding the perimeter. After completing the elevated decks, our team installed form liners on one side of the ganged wall panel forms. This form system not only increased production, but it ensured quality by eliminating tie holes and reducing patchwork, creating an exposed concrete decorative look.

From implementing our Customer Plan Presentation all the way through project execution ensured the success of this project for our customer by delivering successful outcomes, including safety, quality, schedule, and production.



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