One City Center


Armada Hoffler Construction


Austin Lawrence Partners & Armada Hoffler Construction


Project Size

460,600 square feet

Project Location

Durham, NC

Lithko Location

The skyline changing mixed use development will soon be the center point for the downtown Durham area. The 27-story tower will provide upscale living space, retail, restaurants, and parking for the downtown residents. Lithko’s scope includes the cast in place structural frame, grade beams, columns, walls, slab on grade, elevated decks, and the cast in place parking garage.

The estimated 1.5 million pound transfer slab is designed with 5 foot deep beams with widths ranging from 5 feet to 7 feet 6 inches on the floor. For pouring concrete at this height we will use a placing boom pump, which will require detailed daily planning to identify precautions and tracking results to ensure the project schedule.

A few different form systems were selected for this project. For the residential cores, we went with a flipper platform system that supports the inner core wall formwork. The rail-guided MGC climbing system for core forming has added safety features that will allow us to work as quick and as safe as possible at great heights. We poured the 20 foot basement walls in one lift instead of two using Meva’s 1-sided formwork. This can add challenges due to the amount of pressure the concrete puts on the anchoring system for the formwork.  We are using MevaDec to form our elevated slabs from the parking garage to the transfer slab. To form the repetitive slab decks in the residential tower, we chose to use Hi-Lite’s aluminum truss forming system to reduce time and labor costs.

Our portion of the work is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2017.


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