Project Bronco


Ryan Companies

Project Size

2,000,000 square feet

Project Location

Fayetteville, NC

Lithko Location

Scope of work:

Slab on grade, slab on metal deck, exterior paving, tilt-up panels.


Our Raleigh team collaborated with Ryan Companies on Project Bronco, a distribution plant project boasting impressive dimensions. This expansive facility encompasses 1,073,000 square feet of slab on grade, 257,000 square feet of slab on metal deck, 245,000 square feet of exterior paving, 162,500 square feet of sidewalk, and 265,000 square feet of tilt-up panels.

The scope of our work on this project was comprehensive and included various tasks such as perimeter/spread/grade beam foundations, tilt panels off casting slab, interior slab on grade with dock-leveler pits, slab on metal deck, exterior dock apron, exterior dolly pads, exterior concrete paving, and sidewalks.

Throughout the nine-month duration of the project, our team encountered several logistical challenges, particularly regarding the casting slab location, crane road coordination, and navigating the foundation/tilt sequence alongside steel erection. Additionally, achieving tight un-shored slab on metal deck tolerances required meticulous placement procedures to ensure flatness and meet absolute elevation requirements. Despite these challenges, the project team achieved an impressive overall FF/FL rating of 76.7/45.1 for the warehouse.

To address the challenge of cold weather during winter months, our team implemented cold weather protection measures for placing all slab on grade. By utilizing a Fas-Trak densifier applicator, we were able to achieve an even coating with minimal waste when applying densifier on the warehouse slab on grade.

The completion of this new building marks a significant milestone, as it is expected to bring 1,500 new jobs to Fayetteville, NC, contributing positively to the local economy and community.


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