Project Night


Caddell Construction



Project Size

2,900,000 square feet

Project Location

Ridgeville, SC

Lithko Location

Scope of Work:

Foundations, tilt-up panels, Ductilcrete Heidebed System, miscellaneous site work


In 2021, we constructed a new storage and cross-dock facility for a large retail corporation in the Ridgeville Industrial Campus, creating approximately 1,000 full-time jobs. This was a South Carolina business unit collaboration, and our scope comprised foundations, tilt-up panels, Ductilcrete Heidebed System, and miscellaneous sitework.

Our work on the project began in January 2021, simultaneously on the 2.7 million square foot building, including the base slabs and the casting/erecting of the tilt-up panels. In week 15, we started construction on the 200,000 square foot building, adding to the complexity of the joint work. Detailed planning and coordination with other subcontractors and the ready-mix supplier were imperative to the success of this project. Our team did a great job understanding and planning the manpower and materials week by week during the rainy weather season.

With a total of 5.7 million square feet finished on the project, pour flexibility and capacity were vital to hitting our schedule milestones. There were a total of 525 tilt-up panels between the 2 buildings, and there were layout challenges due to the size of the panels, with most being 50+ feet. Additionally, there was a large firewall in the middle of the main building. These panels included unique lap joints, which had to be formed and erected while ensuring they fit together. Despite the complexity with the panels, our Greenville and Charleston teams were excited to take on the challenge. Our work wrapped up in October of that year, with a total of 122,000 cubic yards of concrete poured on the project.


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