SCAD Spring Street




Project Size

506,000 square feet

Project Location

Atlanta, GA

Lithko Location

Scope of work:

Phase 1: lower-level foundations, walls & SOG’s, columns, walls, grade beams phase 2: foundations, columns, walls, and nearly 506,353 square feet of concrete flatwork (includes SOG, framed deck and slab on metal deck) and 18,000 cubic yards of concrete poured.


We’ve been involved in both Phase-1 and Phase-2 of the project, with Clayco Inc. from St. Louis as the General Contractor. Lithko began work on February 6th, 2021, and completed Phase-1 topping out in November 2022. Phase-1 included lower-level foundations, walls, SOG’s, columns, grade beams, and assisting Clayco with work outside our scope to meet an aggressive production schedule.

The project comprises 8 levels of parking garage, with 2 levels featuring mass concrete beams, an amenity level podium slab, and a retail/terrace area. Additionally, there are 8 levels of light-gauge steel-framed apartments atop a vault tunnel foundation and lid slab. Phase-2 of the project, which is the Auditorium, was built on top of this structure.

Our scope of work encompassed foundations, columns, walls, and nearly 506,353 square feet of concrete flatwork (including SOG, framed deck, and slab on metal deck). We poured a total of 18,000 cubic yards of concrete. Despite challenges posed by unforeseen site conditions and design complexities during the early stages, our team remained on track with the schedule and delivered a quality product to our customer.


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