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Project Size

923,000 square feet

Project Location

Edison, NJ

Lithko Location

The massive Amazon Fulfillment Center is one of twelve sortation centers in New Jersey, adding 2,500 jobs to the Middlesex county area. It is located on the former Frigidaire plant site. Lithko installed the foundations, slab on grade, and site concrete on the first phase and then later added additional interior column footings and 750,00 square feet of mezzanine as part of the tenant fit-up.

The design called for 4 inches of unbonded overlay on 500,000 square feet of the existing slab. The existing building was made up of three additions with numerous slab elevations. This created difficulties in keeping the thickness and floor tolerances consistent, due to the different elevations of the slabs.

When Amazon took over the site, the building envelope was complete. Our team had to remove existing slab, excavate, install rebar, and place concrete on an aggressive schedule to construct 315 additional column footings (17ft x 3’ thick) before the SOG and mezzanine could be completed. To meet the demand, we broke down the work into 3 phases and executed in continuous 24-hour shifts.

The heavily reinforced mezzanine took up a fair amount of the building footprint. We pumped concrete through the clerestory windows while placing and finishing via an inline pumping system overtop the reinforcing.

Our planning processes allowed us to engage our customer early to determine the best practices for the project.  Rather than constructing steel columns on leveling plates and anchor bolts, we chose to go with column sleeves, which eliminated isolations, ultimately reducing cost and time on the schedule. We poured the slab before the mezzanine was erected, which allowed us to place more square footage at one time. Lastly, we reversed the sequence of the asphalt and concrete paving, completing the concrete paving first (and prior to the building panels being erected) and then the exterior asphalt was placed. This allowed the GC to expedite “capping” the site prior to the winter months providing good staging areas and safe logistics flow planning for the second phase.


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