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Preferred Living


Preferred Living


Project Size

100,000 square feet

Project Location

Dublin, OH

Lithko Location

Preferred Living is building a mixed-use development at the old Andersons store site in Dublin, Ohio.  It will include a parking deck, some retail, and other amenities. Lithko will install the foundations, columns, three stair shafts, slab on grade, and a 14” post tension transfer deck.

Due to the long deep runs of pipe, our team has been coordinating closely with the plumber to ensure we build in the right sequence. Another component that will drive the sequence is the special haunch beam expansion joints. Using this method reduces the number of columns and achieves the height requirement of the second slab without a beam.

During our initial planning meetings, we adjusted our plan to utilize a crane rather than forklifts. Making this adjustment will help limit impact on sub-base and increase our wall and column productivity. Our portion of the work will be complete in 13 weeks.


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