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In July of 2019, construction broke ground on the $300 million mixed use project in South End. The project includes a 12-story metal deck office building and a 10-story cast in place parking garage with retail on the first floor. Our Charlotte Burg’s scope includes foundations, all vertical concrete elements, 300,000 square feet of slab on metal deck, and 540,000 square feet of cast in place elevated decks.  Overall the project encompasses nearly 40,000 cubic yards of concrete.

Along with the typical logistical challenges that come with downtown construction projects, our team is executing a very aggressive 35-week schedule and building both the metal deck building and cast in place garage simultaneously.  The first elevated deck of the parking garage is high shoring ranging from 22 to 38 feet.  This includes the most complicated structural elements on the project including haunches, sloping columns, speed ramps, and a stage stressed transfer beam. The typical garage decks also include a scissor ramp with shared columns and shear wall, further increasing the complexity of the work.

To meet the demands of the aggressive schedule, the project team decided to integrate a pour strip into the building, allowing two separate framing crews to build each floor concurrently opposite each other without stressing constraints. This resulted in a faster build time.

The project team partnered with key vendors early in order to value engineer multiple opportunities for the client as well as facilitate our own work.  The principal formwork supplier PERI performed a crucial role in the planning phase to help choose the pour breaks and construction sequence for ease of cycling formwork.



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