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Concrete structures in airports can be complex, but our experience in steel frames, cast-in-place frames, virtually all floor on grade and suspended systems, parking garages and other airport facilities allows us to self-perform most airport work. Removing the burden of coordinating with subcontractors below us and utilizing our broad depth of experience and knowledge, makes our customer’s job easier.

Airport projects are also complex in terms of administration. There are background checks, interactions with the FAA, Corps of Engineers and other government agencies, restrictions on equipment, and the need to coordinate with numerous trades. Our detailed pre-planning , in-depth project engineering, and project management processes and tools ensure expectations are understood and met in a timely, safe, and high quality way.

Because airport operations usually continue during construction operations, everyone on an airport worksite must be especially vigilant. Lithko’s culture of making every co-worker responsible for safety adds a layer of protection for pedestrians, other trades and our co-workers. Our Daily Preparation Process (DPP) identifies and eliminates hazards that uniquely exist each day.