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We work on baseball and football stadiums, movie theaters, bowling alleys and unusual attractions like indoor skydiving facilities — structures with very specific concrete uses and unique floor plans. Architecturally, they are challenging. Aesthetics like shape, color and texture are important.

We address these challenges by utilizing our structured Preconstruction and Project Execution processes. These processes allow us to collaborate with the customer and other stakeholders to ensure we fully understand the expectations and goals, and to meticulously plan each project, including overall phase of work and daily planning. These processes are unique in the concrete construction industry and allow us to achieve exceptional results.

Because of our large geographic footprint, deep bench of skilled workforce, supervision and project management, we can mobilize the talent, equipment and know-how necessary to take on the challenges of these unique and often architecturally involved structures. From heavy cast-in-place structures to high tolerance floors to architectural elements, Lithko has the Preconstruction and Project Execution capabilities to bring a high value solution.