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Hospital projects often involve unique challenges for concrete construction contractors. It is typical that the new construction is immediately adjacent to an occupied and operating facility, and interference or interruption of the existing facility cannot be tolerated. Further, intricate site conditions and systems by other trades that often exist require a great deal of planning and coordination.

We meet these challenges in several ways. Because of our BURG structure, we have the ability to flex locally to the off-hours or start-stop needs that arise. Due to our substantial size and depth of craft, supervisory and project management talent, we can leverage capacity and competency that is likely not to exist in many of our competitors. Our up-front and daily planning process enables us to understand, coordinate and execute to the complexities at the highest level. The Preconstruction Execution Process allows us to work with our customers and partners to create a competitive market price, schedule and safety approach that limits unnecessary risk for all the stakeholders.

Lithko’s experience with cast-in-place, steel frame, heavy structure (proton and linear accelerators) and concrete cores positions us to bring formwork, reinforcing, large foundation, slab and field engineering expertise to the table, all structured to deliver results at or above expectation.