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Artistry KC 19th and Oak

Mixed Use

The new development in the East Crossroads will be the first housing project in the Kansas City area. Lithko’s scope is comprised of footings, slab on grade, slab on deck, shear walls, elevator core, and the parking garage topping slabs. The topping slabs will be located on the double T’s, ranging 2-6 inches thick and will provide direct drainage and cover the erection point embeds.

Construction in the Urban Core creates many logistical challenges. There is very limited space for deliveries, and it is crucial we closely coordinate all the deliveries to be on time and accurate.

During our upfront planning meeting, we identified a hold up in one of the building’s schedules. The parking garage must be complete prior to the construction of the adjacent building due to the proximity. In order to decrease our down time, our team worked with Milhaus up front to re-sequence the buildings’ schedules. By doing this, we have kept our flow, staying 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule.