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711 E. Morehead

Multi-Unit Housing

This multi-family project located in Charlotte’s rapidly growing Dilworth neighborhood will have seventeen total floors of cast-in-place concrete frame. The first four levels are parking, and the top thirteen levels make up the residential tower. This structure features two transfer floors with large cantilever beams, a multitude of column rotations and size changes, sloping columns, slab/soffit steps, a rooftop pool, 55 flights of cast in place stairs, and is capped with a high roof featuring a ten-foot slab cantilever.

Our coworkers have successfully navigated a number of obstacles on this jobsite.

  • Power lines creating logistical challenges for concrete pumping, deliveries, and hoisting
  • Many design changes during the construction phase
  • Being sandwiched between two other mid-rise structures under construction simultaneously

Our Charlotte BURG was very intentional about planning each phase of the project and aligning the right teams to each operation. They also partnered with great suppliers to assist with project performance. The great execution on this project allowed the Charlotte BURG to negotiate the next Hanover deal in Charlotte, which has recently started, Hanover Southend.


Customer Hanover
Owner Hanover
Size (finished slab) 673,718 square feet
Location Charlotte, NC
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