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747 College Ave

Mixed Use

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana’s historic Chatham Arch and Mass Ave neighborhood, 747 College will be a boutique living and shopping destination. The five-story, mixed-use building will include ground floor commercial space, 51 structured parking spaces and 39 apartments. The exterior has been designed to blend old and new architectural styles, with modern accents that make the building highly distinguishable from all directions. Completion is scheduled for summer 2016.

Our work includes foundations, walls, columns, slab-on-grade and sitework. The building footprint is 18,000 square feet, which takes up the entire property. The foundation system will support a two-story precast structure, with 5,600 square feet of “tub wall” varying from seven to 13 feet in height. The second level is for parking, requiring a three inch topping slab with a perimeter wash of 12,000 square feet. The third level has a five inch topping of 18,000 square feet. The rest of the structure will consist of wood framing for apartments, starting at the third level.

Working in a tight area, coordination and sequencing have been critical in making sure everything runs smoothly.


Customer Milhaus Construction, LLC
Owner 747 College, LLC
Size (finished slab) 40,000 square feet
Location Indianapolis, IN
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