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AC Marriott


The AC Marriott line of hotels is just getting started in the United States. Lithko and Robins and Morton are partnered on one of the new locations in Spartanburg, NC. This 11 story hotel will have European-influenced design features. One such feature is the grand stair case that goes from the lobby down to the pool deck.

Originally our scope was to include the foundations and walls, but has since expanded to columns, slab on metal deck, and stairs. Due to the small foot print of the building, one of the challenges is to ensure safe working conditions for the large amount of co-workers on site. Manpower also has to be carefully coordinated to meet the schedule of form work to make 4,000 square feet per pour.


Customer Robins & Morton
Owner Palmetto
Size (finished slab) 9,000 square feet (11 stories)
Location Spartanburg, SC
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