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Amazon Sorting Facility

Distribution Centers

Amazon’s 300,000-square foot sorting facility in Oklahoma City will provide more delivery options for their customers. Lithko provided the concrete work for the foundations, slab on grade, 96 tilt- up panels and 500,000 square feet of paving.

An aggressive schedule and extremely wet season contributed to the challenges on this project. Rather than casting the panels to the slab itself, our team worked with the customer to come up with the solution to utilize casting beds. This allowed us to work on the foundations, slab on grade and panels concurrently, resulting in an accelerated pace. A big milestone to note, on one day our team placed 40,000 square feet of slab on grade while also placing the tilt-up panels (1,800 cubic yards).

During our planning meeting, we identified another way to accelerate the schedule. Instead of making traditional 15,000 square feet had rod pours for the paving, we increased the square footage of the placements and used 3D laser screeds.

Capitalizing on good weather, detailed planning and close coordination with other trades allowed us to finish our foundations and have panels stood in 5 weeks, exceeding our customer’s schedule and expectations.


Customer Fleming Construction
Owner Amazon
Size (finished slab) 300,000 square feet
Location Oklahoma City, OK
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