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Vannoy is a new customer for the Oklahoma City burg. When we were awarded the concrete package on this new construction tilt building, we wanted to ensure the customer was aware and engaged on our plan. We used our Customer Plan Presentation to share our detailed understanding of expectations and seek agreement on our plan to execute. Through a team effort with Lithko and Vannoy we were able to place foundations, 110,000 square feet of slab, place 45,000 sf of panels, and erect 68 panels in 6.5 weeks.

We encountered some winter weather during our slab pours. We utilized hot water with 2% accelerator and winter blankets to successfully protect the two pours, totaling approximately 110,000 square feet.

Our total project scope included foundations, slab, tilt, and 245,000 square feet of paving.


Customer Vannoy Construction
Owner At Home
Size (finished slab) 110,000 square feet
Location Moore, OK
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