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Nashville International Airport Hangar


The Nashville International Airport is undergoing a $1.2 billion dollar renovation that will be able to support the anticipated 20 million passengers by the year 2035. Lithko has been a big part of the changes so far completing 3 other hangars along the same road.

For this project Messer sought us out due to our experience with similar projects, to complete the heavily reinforced structural slab on grade. The slab included grade beams that were capped over in order to set a 77 foot tall steel frame building. The hangar will be used by several airlines for plane repair.

The schedule changed many times throughout the process and we were eventually given 7 weeks to complete the project. We were able to pour 1,000 cubic yards of foundations in 6 days. With manpower of 35-40 people, we poured 15,000 square feet of slab every 3rd day. We also self-performed the 430 tons of rebar installation.  Messer did a good job stoning the pad prior to the concrete to ensure that weather would not be a problem.


Customer Messer Construction
Owner Nashville International Airport
Size (finished slab) 92,000 Square Feet
Location Nashville, TN
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