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Carolina Theatre


Lithko’s Greenville BURG is part of the construction team on the new 42,000 square foot multi-level podium addition to the existing Carolina Theatre, originally built in 1927 in Uptown Charlotte. Our scope includes foundations, 1-sided shotcrete basement walls, basement slab on grade, 10 lifts of elevator core walls, 6 levels of slab on metal deck, and deep grade beams (3’x6’) to be installed on top of the pile cap.

This project has many unique components, including 12,000 psi MOE mix for the core walls, 450 cubic yard pile cap placed with a 7-foot thickness, 5’ x 8’ core wall corbels that cantilever out of level 5, and two 21’-11” long  W12x96 I-beam embeds that were cast inside the wall on the last core wall lift. The corbels will help support steel trusses on level 6, which is the transfer floor. This is the level where the theater podium will transition to a future planned hotel above. The corbels were constructed with conventional Doka forms and were supported with high load platform brackets to the exterior/interior cone attachment, which were casted monolithically with the core wall at that level.

The original design called for the basement walls to be erected utilizing form panels. Because of the shoring design for the basement excavation it made it next to impossible to form these one-sided walls up. Our team identified a way to not only install the walls without typical form work but also save time on the project schedule by replacing this method with structural shotcrete.

Along with a challenging jobsite, that has very little laydown area, there was excessive spring/summer rain we had to work around. Our team has done a great job mitigating schedule challenges due to the numerous structural design changes that have occurred on the project. We do extensive planning daily and weekly to ensure we are working safely and meeting our scope milestones with quality work.


Customer Cleveland Construction
Size (finished slab) 42,000 square feet
Location Charlotte, NC
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