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Distribution Centers

NorthPoint is investing in the booming Fairfax Industrial District, which includes the development of the 842,000 square foot build to suite warehouse in Kansas City. ARCO Construction selected Lithko to provide the concrete construction, which includes foundations, slab on grade, tilt up panels, and paving. There are a total of a hundred and ninety-six tilt up panels, with heights up to 46 feet.

Because of the onsite soil conditions (silty sand) surcharge is being used to mitigate the soil to eliminate settlement issues. Due to the large square footage of the building this is being done in two stages (North and South). Allowing us to only work on one half of the building at a time, presents unique scheduling and site logistics coordination for material, equipment and manpower.

The rainy weather has caused some delay to the 6 month project schedule. To ensure success of the project schedule, we utilized our Project Execution Process to build a detailed plan for the lost work days. We provided an alternate to include pumping all the slab on grade for 12 consecutive placements. We used two pumps for pours that are approximately 1,000 cubic yards each, to maintain placement rates.


Customer ARCO Construction
Owner NorthPoint Development
Size (finished slab) 842,000 square feet
Location Kansas City, KS
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