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Fed Ex Ground Distribution

Distribution Centers
Situated close to major highways, the new distribution center hub is expected to bring more jobs to the Tulsa metro area. Having just one distribution center currently in Tulsa, the new facility will enhance FedEx’s service and delivery speed.
With this being our first project with Jim Cooper Construction Company, our team delivered a very detailed Customer Plan Presentation and assisted with coordinating the project schedule. This resulted in a contract to install the drilled piers, grade beams, fiber reinforced slab on grade, tilt walls, exterior guard shack, and a small out building.
We couldn’t utilize the entire slab for panel casting.  The west side of the building had sloped floors.  This required casting bed for the panels. The thin strip of property created a challenge for egress on that side.  The sequence for this phase of work was crucial for coordination with the other trades.
We encountered a lot of rain in the months of May and June causing a delay in the overall project schedule. Utilizing our weekly meetings to review our production, we were able to adjust the manpower and our project plan to accelerate the schedule.  As it turned out, our team finished two weeks ahead and assisted with the coordination of moving up the steel delivery date.
With the intense Tulsa summer heat, we had to be cognizant of the temperature of the concrete. Cooling additives were essential, but we needed to mitigate the high cost associated with this process. We worked closely with GCC Mid-Continent Concrete to ensure we had enough additives while monitoring costs.
The team effort with the other trades, our vendors and Jim Cooper Construction Company contributed to the successful outcome of this project.


Customer Jim Cooper Construction Company
Owner JDC BKA LLC- Tenant Fed Ex
Size (finished slab) 254,000 square feet
Location Broken Arrow, OK
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