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Hyatt House


The new 201-room Hyatt House in the heart of midtown, will stand 185 feet tall and offer parking and amenities. We are providing the complete turnkey concrete package. There are 4 separate cores: 2 elevator shafts and 2 stair wells. For the wall, column and shoring formwork we selected the DOKA USA systems.

Our team completed much of the work during one of Nashville’s coldest and wettest winters in history, adding many challenges to our project schedule. To complicate things further, our crane time was cut short due to our customer wanting to start the skin of the building earlier to protect the work from the inclement weather and to allow the trades to get started quicker inside. To ensure we met our customer’s schedule needs, we adjusted our elevated slab cycle from 10 to 8 consecutive work days. Once we started sharing the crane, we utilized our daily planning processes and revised our formwork layout plan. Every day, our project lead had to plan and look ahead on how to stage the materials with the limited crane access and limited storage area available on this tight, congested downtown urban jobsite.

Compressing a project schedule takes a lot of coordination with the other subcontractors due to the amount of work going on at the same time. Our team did a really good job communicating and coordinating with the other trades on their work  to meet our pour dates, contributing to the overall success of this project.


Customer Reeves Young
Owner Hyatt Hotels
Size (finished slab) 262,395 square feet
Location Nashville, TN
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