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iFly Indoor Skydiving Facility


With facilities in more than 25 cities around the world, iFly offers a free-fall experience inside a vertical wind tunnel, which generates a wall-to-wall cushion of air, allowing customers to safely float. The company hosts school field trips that incorporate science, math and engineering concepts into experiments, flight and safety training, and flying.

This unique project includes 18-foot basement walls that curve horizontally and vertically, as well as a sloped elevated deck. Rebar as an S-curve must be used. There are two four-sided tilt panel towers, which have three sides that slope inward. Our work on this project included foundations, walls, columns, slab-on-grade and a framed deck.


Customer ARCO National Construction-KC, Inc.
Owner SkyGroup Investments, LLC
Size (finished slab) 1,381 cubic yards
Location Overland Park, KS
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