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John Morrell

Distribution Centers

John Morrell, one of the oldest meatpackers in the country, is investing $43.5 million to build a new distribution center in central Indiana. The company expects to create 260 jobs by the time the facility is completed.

Lithko’s scope included foundations, stem walls, freezer and cooler slabs, cold docks and continuous docks, site concrete (including an enormous amount of concrete paving) and more. We were able to bring real expertise to the project because of our long-standing partnership with the customer, Tippmann Construction. We’ve worked on many freezer and cooler facility projects together.

The success of this project was due in large part to the long hours and sacrifices made by the leads and crews that worked on the facility. We are very proud of their high-quality work, which also put us ahead of schedule.


Customer Tippmann Construction, LLC
Owner John Morrell & Co.
Size (finished slab) 940,000 square feet
Location Greenfield, IN
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