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Levine Cancer Institute Expansion


The Levine Cancer Institute Expansion includes a $150 million eight-story new hospital building that will connect to the existing hospital via four new bridge decks. Our Charlotte team is very proud to be part of building this state of the art cancer facility. Our team is installing foundation walls, core walls, and slab on metal deck.  A unique feature in the structure is a battered buttressed foundation wall with cast-in light wells to allow for ventilation and ambient light.

The initial schedule showed a one-week cycle for each lift of the eight-story cores running concurrently with one another.  Prior to mobilization, we spent time planning for the most productive and safe work methods.  A step by step best practice was created for dis-mantling the core formwork.  The work in planning ahead helped our team achieve a three- day cycle per lift, which was critical in helping the client gain back schedule lost during excavation.

Construction in or near active hospitals always poses logistical challenges.  Work that altered emergency room access was precisely planned and timed to minimize the disruption to hospital activities.  Collaboration with the general contractor in these phases in work was critical to maximizing our value to the client.


Customer Rodgers Builders
Owner Carolinas HealthCare Group
Size (finished slab) 340,000 square feet
Location Charlotte, NC
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