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Lincoln Pointe

Mixed Use

Lithko paired with Metro Development on a 5-story mixed use building on the north side of Columbus. This is the first time that Lithko has partnered with the general contractor. The building will include a gym, apartments, a club house, parking, and retail space. The baseball diamond shape of the building was designed to fit on the corner lot and has a courtyard in the middle for a pool.

Due to the mixed use nature of the building, the retail space required large window cutouts in the exterior walls. The window cut outs had to be poured in 2 stages; the first stage was the main frame and the second stage was the infill on the bottom. Constant coordination between the project team was required to make sure they didn’t fall behind the schedule, with the 2 step process. Additionally the walls had several large cutouts to hang masonry and to hold the slab. The project team, using the Daily Planning Process, worked diligently to make sure that the concrete appearance was up to our standard of quality.


Customer Metro Development
Owner Metro Development
Size (finished slab) 48,000 sq ft
Location Columbus, OH
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