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Lineage Logistics

Distribution Centers

Lineage Logistics, a provider of temperature-controlled logistics solutions, is expanding operations in Charleston County. Our Charleston BURG is installing the foundations, stem walls, large freezer slab, and slab on metal deck.

Immediately the team provided our client with a solution to the logistic challenge not identified in the drawings, where the footings stack up against a railway.

The 105,000 square foot freezer slab would typically be placed in strips, approximately 7 pours to meet the Fmin 80 (super flat) floor specification. To meet a very aggressive customer turnover deadline, our pre-construction team collaborated with the General Contractor to place the slab in 3- 35,000 square foot placements with a local minimum FF50/ FL35 tolerance to be ground down to specification.

With large pours we faced additional challenges, including pretied in place rebar over 6” thick insulation making operating the laser screed difficult. We fabricated lifting bars to lift the rebar out as we leveled out the slab ultimately exceeding our FF/FL tolerances, resulting in very little grinding. costs to the client.

The success of this project is due to the team effort of multiple BURGs. We used resources from the Midwest during the planning phase of the freezer slab due to their vast experience in this type of work. Additionally, to accommodate the schedule demand, we utilized a wall crew from the Raleigh BURG.


Customer Victory Unlimited Construction
Owner Lineage Logistics
Size (finished slab) 125,000 square feet
Location North Charleston, SC
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