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Majestic Building 15

Distribution Centers

Building #15 in the Majestic Commercenter, nicknamed“Big Bomber”, is the  state’s largest speculative warehouse/distribution building on 36 acres of land. We placed over 26,000 cubic yards of concrete in footings, slabs, tilt-up panels, and dock aprons.

The slab slopes 6’ – 9” from one end of the building to the other, across 1,352 linear feet. The top and bottom horizontal portions of the panels were formed to slope with the continuous footings as it descended with the finished floor. However, the vertical joints remained plumb. This may sound relatively simple, but the layout and formwork were a challenge as embeds and openings were dimensioned from finish floor.

Prior to starting the formwork on the panels, several 40,000 square foot slab placements were sequenced around the south and west sides to accommodate multiple crews. Careful planning and coordination were required, as we were working on foundations, slabs, and the tilt-up simultaneously.

During our daily planning, Operations provided 3-week look-aheads that tied to the overall master schedule of the General Contractor. The Project Leads used this information for their next day’s plan. Every morning, our team reviewed the outcome of the previous day and adjusted the new plan accordingly. Our Project Execution Process provided us the resources to successfully execute our plan,  in a total of 11 weeks, from the first footing to the last panel erected.


Customer Commerce Construction
Owner Majestic Realty
Size (finished slab) 702,000 square feet
Location Aurora, CO
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