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Marriott Renaissance Bricktown


The new Marriott Renaissance Bricktown is a ten-story cast in place frame, including a roof level.  Each floor consists of 21-columns, 1-elevator core, and 2-stair cores. With only one pour per floor, maintaining a very tight floor cycle and crew continuity was key critical for a positive outcome on the project..

A lack of lay down or staging area on the jobsite posed additional challenges for the team.  The only storage space was 3,500 square feet of roof top that was created after the 2nd floor was cast.  The lack of lay down also required the team to facilitate “just in time deliveries” meaning that the material from the truck goes straight to the working deck where it is installed.  In addition to what is being delivered and when, the team also drilled further into the details and directed the formwork vendors and rebar suppliers to load the trucks in a certain manner so the material wasn’t handled twice.

In effort to best utilize the small amount of space for lay down, our project team built an “A-Frame” to store the wall panels vertically when not in use.  Additionally, our project team chose to work with handset columns in order to free up the crane. This allowed the crane to be utilized on the core walls, which has expedited the vertical forming process. Great job to the Oklahoma City team!


Customer Ram Construction
Owner Anish Hotel Groups
Size (finished slab) 274,000 square feet
Location Oklahoma City, OK
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