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McKinney Airport Center

Distribution Center

Scope of work:

  • Turnkey project
  • Layout
  • Labor and materials for belled piers out of the ground
  • Slab on grade
  • Tilt-wall panels
  • Paving

Due to the complexity of the reveal and formliner patterns, the project team had to work very closely with the erector to make sure that all of the panels lined up to ensure a continuous pattern. Despite construction delays for structural steel deliveries nationwide and more than 80 rain days on the project, we were able to assist in the erection of 20 panels per day. Constant communication with the general contractor was key to understanding what we had to do to meet their needs regarding the erection sequence being tied into storefronts for glass deliveries and overhead doors on the dock side.

Lithko’s ability to plan as a team and prepare a plan on paper and electronically with detailed analysis of the project allowed Bob Moore Construction to communicate the fire lane phase of work plan with the city of McKinney in order to effectively erect the tilt wall panels.


Customer Bob Moore Construction
Owner Stonemont Financial Group
Size (finished slab) 232,000 square feet
Location McKinney, TX
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