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Medpace 400 Madison Square

Office Buildings

After a successful outcome building the Dolce Hotel and Parking Garage with RBM Development and Skanska, Lithko was selected to install the concrete package at the new Medpace office tower on the same site, Madison Square Development. Our package includes foundations, perimeter walls, columns, slab on grade, structural deck and slab on metal deck.

The team utilized mudsills to support the shoring of the first elevated slab, due to schedule constraints and not having an underground subcontractor on the site.   Due to the excessive amount of rain and the lack of concrete to build off, the team installed an underground drain system to help protect the subgrade from damage and to help keep the project moving on schedule.

With team members that were new to some key roles role on the project, the Operations Manager emphasized the importance of the Project Execution Process to ensure success.  Prior to the start of the project, the Project Lead and his team produced Phase Plans for all the work activities.  Constant changes to the design drawings made daily interaction with the team critical for revisions and to ensure that the DPP was correct for the next day’s activities.  By honoring the system, it has allowed us to track the growth of the team throughout the project.

During the planning phase, we were tasked with assisting the owner with solutions to minimize cost to the project. We presented a solution, which the customer accepted,  to use a barrier cable system rather than crash walls. Barrier cables are not only more cost effective, but they weigh a lot less and provide more design flexibility.


Customer Skanska
Owner Medpace
Size (finished slab) 600,000 square feet
Location Cincinnati, OH
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