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Nissan Integrated Logistics Center

Distribution Centers

Lithko partnered with Clayco to build the one and a half million square foot warehouse to be used by Nissan. Half a million square feet will be dedicated to manufacturing and the other one million will be a distribution center for automobile parts. During the time of construction, it was one of the largest distribution centers built in the U.S and was featured in Construction in Focus. Our scope included foundations, slabs, 277 tilt panels, 700 bollards, and dock leveler pits.

One of the biggest challenges was maintaining a 16 week schedule. Our Customer Presentation Plan helped to set the right tone for the project from the beginning. Our plans for pouring slabs, the tilt panels, and our detailed timelines helped us to drive the schedule for the entire site.  We worked 7 days per week and maintained 50-90 people on site. Owing to these items and the on-site batch plant, we were able to pour 4,000 cubic yards of concrete per week. Detailed coordination and communication was critical, as many design changes came up throughout the project. Daily meetings were held with Clayco and the other trades on site to keep everyone on track. We worked closely with American Contractors Supply on the tilt up panel design, which was also very critical to the project’s success.

Due to our rigorous planning and the overall collaboration with our customer and vendors, we were able to successfully meet the 16-week schedule deadline.


Customer Clayco, Inc.
Owner Panattoni Development Company
Size (finished slab) 1,500,000 square feet
Location Smyrna, TN
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