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Distribution Centers

Our Dallas BURG is working on a warehouse project that includes a number of potential obstacles.

This project has had some scheduling challenges due to concrete allocations from the concrete supplier. The team has maximized the available material by prioritizing the most-needed areas to keep the project on schedule.

The proximity of high-voltage power lines has affected many aspects of this project, including the planning stage, safety considerations, and erecting panels.

During the planning process, the team noticed the proximity of the power lines to the building and started to research the voltage of these lines and the OSHA-required clear zone associated.  All planned construction efforts were based around not entering or storing any materials or equipment within this clear zone of the power lines.

We collaborated with the general contractor to develop a plan to complete the required work and accommodate the necessary clear zone to avoid high-voltage power lines. Our team poured the slab on grade all the way up to the pour strip to allow the panels to be placed on top of the slab. This permitted the erecting crane to crawl on top of the panels instead of leaving out a large portion of the slab, which would extend the construction schedule.

Our team has also navigated weather to keep the building on schedule.

We provided a cost and time-saving method to place all of the pier caps by over-drilling the top 2’ of the drilled pier and placing the pier caps at the same time as the drilled pier.


Customer Ridgemont Commercial Construction
Owner HRUS Alliance Phase II LLC
Size (finished slab) 600,000 square feet
Location Fort Worth, TX
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