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Northwood 7C

Office Buildings

Northwood 7C, an 11-story office building and pre-cast parking deck, will be one of the first projects part of the Ballantyne re-development to break ground in the Corporate Park area. Our Charlotte Burg is installing the foundations, slab on grade, slab on metal deck, and other various elements in the parking deck. Additionally, our scope includes a 16’-28’ tall, 16”-28” thick massive retaining wall between the precast parking garage and office tower.

This project will take place in a congested corporate area and alongside another Lithko project Ballantyne Residential Tower. Both projects are encouraged to limit any significantly noisy activities to between 7:00 am and 5:30 pm. By utilizing our Customer Plan Presentation process, we got agreement with our customer on expectations and the logistics plan for the challenging site. This includes the coordination of access areas for deliveries with two other large subcontractors (steel & pre-cast) and two designated entrances for the pump & concrete trucks for slab placements.

Another unique design element of the office tower is the secondary pours at the pile caps. This design requires parts of the steel structure elements to be cast into the massive foundations 9 feet – 11 feet below subgrade. Once we excavate the footings, it will be vital to limit the amount of sub grade exposure, while the steel is being set during this rainy season. To accommodate, our team proposed a plan for backfill to the GC & steel contractor decreasing the risk of exposure to the elements in the area to avoid rework and ensure safe access to the deep foundations for setting the steel.

Lithko also has the AC Ballantyne within 5 minutes of the 7C project. This will allow project teams to maximize opportunities to share resources. The three Ballantyne jobs add up to approximately $28 million worth of our work in the fast-paced Charlotte market.


Customer Rodgers Builders
Owner Northwood Development
Size (finished slab) 325,000 square feet
Location Charlotte, NC
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