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Park South Building B

Distribution Centers

Park South is a logistics park located along I-75/I-71 in Walton, Kentucky. The park offers occupants access to all Midwestern markets from a centrally located e-commerce hub. Lithko’s scope consists of foundations, tilt-up walls, slab on grade, dock/site paving, and sidewalks.

Our main challenge on this project is the schedule. Our goal is to complete as much as possible before substantial winter condition cost is incurred. Due to the already inclement weather, we lost 4 weeks right out the gate. We originally committed to 3 placements per week, but our project team brought in multiple crews and we have been able to knock out 4-5 pours, ensuring our customer acquires less of a winter condition cost.

We are utilizing the Ductilcrete Dual Corse system for the slab on grade. The system allows the base slab (conventional concrete) and the topping slab (Ductilcrete) to be poured simultaneously while producing a high performance, flat concrete floor.

Four feet was added to the panel height to increase the area of the building. This is a more cost-effective way to add space to a warehouse. With the taller ceilings comes towering racking heights, increasing the quality of the floors. The spec called for a floor tolerance of FF50 FL35. Our team has been averaging an average flatness of F67/48, surpassing the quality requirements.


Customer Kajima Building and Design
Owner IDI Logistics
Size (finished slab) 1,100,000 square feet, 302,000 square feet of paving
Location Walton, KY
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