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Paycom Building 4

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Due to Paycom Software’s growth in the Oklahoma City area, the company is adding a 4th building to their headquarters to accommodate new employees. During the pricing phase with Clyde Riggs Construction, our pre-construction team provided value by proposing a detailed logistics plan that would ensure safe casting and erection of the panels.  Due to our level of detailed planning, commitment to schedule, and comprehensive scope we were awarded this project.  Our scope included all concrete work, drilled piers, grade beams, basement walls, cast-in-place core walls, slab on grade, slab on metal decks, tilt-up walls, and site-work. We also provided engineering of the panels and bracing of the basement walls for backfill.

The tilt-up panels ranged in heights from 50 feet to 65 feet and a thickness of   5 ½”, 7 ¼ , and 9 ½” inches that extended all the way from the basement to the roof.  To add to the complexity, 50-foot-tall walls sat on top of the basement perimeter wall. These panels were stacked and configured in numerous directions to accommodate the limited surrounding space. After the structural panels were erected then 5 ½” veneer panels were cast to cover the joints of the structural panels. Our team kept in constant coordination throughout the casting and erection sequence with other subcontractors because of the tight area around building #4 and adjacent buildings #1, 2, &3.

We utilized our detailed daily planning process to schedule and coordinate multiple crews to accomplish this project ahead of the bid schedule providing the completed structure 2 months early.


Customer Clyde Riggs Construction
Owner Paycom
Size (finished slab) 300,000 square feet
Location Oklahoma City, OK
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