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Project Victory

Distribution Centers

Project Victory consisted of 2 spec warehouses on Victor Hill Road, which is 2.4 miles from another Lithko project, the BMW Manufacturing Plant. Our scope included foundations, slabs, tilt panels, dock aprons, dolly pads, and approaches.

Construction started with an incomplete design creating challenges from the start of the project, and those challenges continued along the way. Our team spearheaded many conversations with the design team and general contractor upfront to proactively provide our expertise and solutions, based upon our vast experience on spec tilt-up projects. For example, there was no plan in place to set the spandrel panels. The heaviest weighed 165,000 pounds!  We recommended to include casting pilasters, which would allow the panels to set and stack. This strategy matched the architects needs, while also making it easier to construct. Overall, this method was a success and it saved us time on the erection schedule.

Both warehouses had concurring schedules that were slightly staggered. This required an atypical building sequence.  The complexity of this timetable meant more meetings, more planning, and more manpower. To date, this has been the Greenville BURG’s highest manpower job. Our team did a great job with all the coordination, ensuring deliveries and equipment were sent to the right location.

Our team exceeded the client’s schedule for the slab installation, allowing other trades to start their work earlier. Overall, we really enjoyed working with our client and enjoyed their team approach to this project.


Customer Pattillo Construction
Owner Exeter Victor Hill Land LLC
Size (finished slab) 787,000 square feet
Location Duncan, SC
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