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Rockefeller Piscataway Urban Renewal

Distribution Centers

The industrial development project is along the Interstate 287 corridor, west of the New Jersey Turnpike and will cost approximately $250 million. Lithko’s work on five buildings includes foundations, insulated tilt-up panels, and high tolerance floor slabs.

Some unique aspects include, 285,000 square feet of slab constructed at an Fmin 40 overall floor tolerance requirement. This created some logistical issues as high tolerance slabs require placement in a controlled environment, while tilt buildings typically have the finished slab cast first to facilitate panel construction. Our solution was to utilize interior temporary casting slabs with integral dead-men to facilitate panel placement and bracing while eliminating the need (cost) of removing the casting slabs as they remained buried beneath the final slab on grade.

Additionally, there is also a 75’ wide, 648’ long and 4 feet deep computer server pit located inside the footprint of another building. Constructing this pit simultaneously while casting slabs for tilt panel construction was occurring, was only a small logistical hurdle. This site, due to the soil conditions, required a 40-mil liner to be placed beneath the sub-base beneath the slab. Through our planning processes, we were able to overcome challenges with sequencing our work, maintaining schedule while coordinating with the Sitework, Plumbing and Waterproofing contractors as well.


Customer Alston Construction
Owner Rockefeller Group
Size (finished slab) 2,098,000 square feet (5 Buildings)
Location Piscataway, NJ
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