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The Castle

Mixed Use

Located on High St in downtown Columbus, Ohio, The Castle is an 8-story mixed use development with a parking garage. We provided the total concrete package on both the building and parking deck for the Design Assist project.

Downtown job sites always present logistical challenges, but this one was more unique. Two of the four sides are near property lines. By utilizing our daily preparation process, our team worked closely with our vendors to coordinate the timing of deliveries. There was no laydown space, so all materials had to be delivered as needed and straight to the deck.

The parking garage has extremely wide column spacing. To support this design, a heavy transfer deck, which includes 45,000 lbs. of post tension and 60 tons of rebar, had to be installed. Along with this excessive load and long span came the concern of the transfer slab deflecting too much. During the design phase, our team put together a plan for these transfer slabs and communicated the plan via our Customer Plan Presentation.  We ended up placing 1,800 cubic yards of concrete and installed transfer beams with approximately 65-80 tendons.

One of the 40 foot cores sat very tight to an existing building. We applied blind side ties to allow for placement.

Even though this project was Design Assist, we continued to utilize our Project Execution Process to coordinate detailed staging and pump placing plans with other subcontractors, vendors, and customer.


Customer Whiting-Turner
Owner Borror Properties & White Castle
Size (finished slab) 275,000 square feet
Location Columbus, OH
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