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The Jasper

Mixed Use

The Jasper is located within Charleston’s historic district and will include luxury apartments, office, restaurant and retail space all with waterfront views.  Our work just began on the concrete frame building which includes foundations, walls, columns, slab on grade and elevated decks. The entire building will be wrapped with precast which will require close to 20,000 embeds to be accurately installed.  With the project sitting 9 feet above sea level and located just 15 feet from the ocean’s coastline, flooding will be a constant concern.

We have a very aggressive schedule; 48 weeks to construct 13 stories. Utilizing our Customer Plan Presentation (CPP) we delivered our coordination plan to the Balfour Beatty team. We will perform daily planning and communicate any adjustments of logistics and sequence with Balfour Beatty’s team throughout the project. Our first placement will consist of a very large 1,100-yard mat foundation which will take approximately 8 to 9 hours.

Level 5 is acting as a transfer slab for the Residential Tower and will be the most challenging elevated slab due to the pool complexity and multiple beam drops for the structural support. We have selected various Peri formwork systems to accommodate the different areas of the project that include; Uniportal, Duo, Trio and Multi-Flex.

The Jasper project presents some unique challenges that our team is excited to tackle!


Customer Balfour Beatty Construction
Owner The Beach Company
Size (finished slab) 700,000 square feet
Location Charleston, SC
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