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Woolfe Street Apartments

Multi-Unit Housing

The new multi-unit residential project will take the place of a historical 1890s collapsed warehouse.  Along the west side of the project runs an old railroad, where there are future development plans to build a linear park.

Even though most of the original structure is no longer standing, the developer incorporated the remaining brick façade from the historical warehouse into the new building design. This will be achieved by removing and restoring the old bricks and incorporating them on the outside of the new structure which will face Woolfe Street.

Due to the newly formed Charleston BURG, a brand new team took on this project. Even with this being a new market, our team united and successfully executed a quality product by utilizing our detailed project planning and execution processes and overcoming challenges including the project sitting only a few inches above sea level. Our project team also received a “Topping Out” bonus due to achieving the accelerated schedule milestone.


Customer Trident Construction
Owner South City Partners
Size (finished slab) 216,000 square feet
Location Charleston, SC
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