Project Execution Process

Proven process for clarifying expectations, planning, and executing with excellence.


Turnover Meeting

  • Information accumulated during the bid process is shared with the project team

Alignment & Expectations

  • Team is aligned to specific activities and clear expectations
  • Agree on critical items that need to be addressed
  • Appropriate talent development goals are discussed for team members

Project Planning

  • The planning cycle culminates in an 
all-hands-on-deck meeting, led by the Project Lead and Project Coordinator
  • Operations Lead approves the plan

Customer Plan Presentation

  • Operations Lead, Project Lead, and/or Project Coordinator deliver the plan to the customer
  • Seek clarity and agreement on the plans and agree on any adjustments to support the customer

Phase Planning

  • Field Lead performs detailed planning of each phase of the project and presents plan to the Project Lead.
  • Operations Lead validates the plan

Monthly, Weekly, Daily Track & Replan

  • Perform monthly financials to review results and progress
  • Conduct the weekly and daily planning activities to execute the work appropriately
  • Revise and replan as needed

Pre-Construction Process

Lithko’s detailed process for identifying and understanding customer needs and bidding on opportunities.


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