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Eric Sommer

Growing up in northern Indiana, Eric got into the construction industry at the age of 16 doing residential concrete with a small company a couple miles from the family farm. After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Building Construction Management, he returned to the residential market in order to be close to home and family. Just a couple years later he joined Lithko’s Cincinnati BURG, where he had worked as an intern during college and grew to love the comradery, pace of work, and wealth of knowledge about the commercial concrete industry evident in his coworkers. After being a part of some keystone projects between Cincinnati and Indianapolis as  Project Coordinator and Project Lead, Eric and his wife returned home to northern Indiana to start a family. He found his way back to Lithko again in 2014 as a Project Coordinator, splitting time across multiple regions before moving to Cincinnati and continuing to develop his career with a focus on tilt-up and specialty industrial floor construction through the Operations Manager role. The opportunity to move to the Area Lead position for the Indianapolis BURG in 2019 seemed a natural fit, aligning his experience in the industry with home town relationships. Outside of work he enjoys hobby gunsmithing and reloading, hunting, and spending time with his family on the farm.